New Painting by Russ Cannizzaro

"The Umbrellas of St. Martin" is the newest painting by American Artist Russ Cannizzaro. The painting is oil on board, measures 28"(w) x 21"(h). Russ and his beautiful wife Laurie affectionately nicknamed this beach in St. Martin "Shipwreck Beach" when their Carnival Cruise Ship they were traveling on experienced mechanical problems.

Russ said, "While it was day five of our seven day cruise when the ship experienced the mechanical problems we got to spend two extra days on this beautiful beach in St. Martin and it was just glorious!" On day seven Carnival arranged to fly all 3000 passengers home from the island and we arrived home on the exact day we were scheduled to return. "What started out as a lemon, really became a great glass of lemonade!"

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