In this E Book we will cover the following topics for your Art Business:  

1. How to select the right gallery to sell your original artwork and prints and giclee’s and why understanding these separate markets is so important.

2. How to license your artwork to generate additional royalties and commissions for your artwork.


3. Do you need a Licensing Agent to license your artwork, and which Licensing Agents or organizations are best for you?


4. How to secure Public Art Commissions and Private Art Commissions.


5. How to create profitable new markets to sell your art.


6. How to sell your artwork on social media and which platforms are best for Artists.


7. How to create artwork that is highly marketable and in demand.

8. How to Barter (Trade) your Artwork and create an exciting new revenue stream.


9.. How to create and manage your art career as a business.


10. How to travel and experience the world for free as an artist.

Making a Successful Living as an Artist