Holy Night.jpg
O Holy Night!

By Master Artist Russ Cannizzaro

Image Size 16" x 20"

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                                                             Artist’s Statement

                                                                  O Holy Night!


“I want to give a gift to God” I said to myself. To thank my Heavenly Father for all the abundant blessings in my life. My talents and gifts, the wonderful family I was born into, the beautiful family I have now, every moment that I spend on this Earth with my Laurie, the Love of my Life, and my own very life. And then I thought “I will do a painting for my God because that is my greatest talent.”

But as time went on, I did not know what I should paint for so important a gift, and then I knew… “I would create my vision of that first Christmas Eve, when God our Father gave mankind his greatest gift, his only begotten Son!”


As I began to think about the composition of the work, I knew that I wanted to create a unique sense of scale to show the beauty and immensity of God and Heaven above to our own small insignificance. I also wanted the scene to give us just a tiny small glimpse of the majesty and glory of Heaven as if we were only allowed to see thru the tip of a tiny pinhead, but for us that small window would leave us in complete awe that would last a lifetime.

I thought about the Shepherds in the fields and what they were doing right before they received their angelic visit. I thought about the remarkable journey that three Wise Men had started months before this miraculous night. “They too must be in the work” I thought to myself.


And then I thought of Mary and Joseph and what it might have been to see that stable for the first time. Joseph must have felt ashamed for not being able to secure a better shelter for his wife in labor. Mary too weary and exhausted to go on. This would have to be the place. The work is now finished and I call it “O Holy Night!” My gift to God is complete. To give my eternal gratitude for his gift of life and his gift of redemption that was given to us thru a newborn, Jesus Christ Our Lord, who is his only begotten Son.