Things That Make Me Happy
Congratulations to these outstanding Artists who participated in our May 2020 Children's Art Contest titled "Things That Make Me Happy."
Winner For Category Ages 3  - 7
First Prize $50
Cooper Jenkins Age 6
Honorable Mention
Taylor Age 7
Winner For Category Ages 8-12
First Prize $50
Rosaria Ruiz Age 12
Honorable Mention
Diana Hurtado Age 10
Stephanie Vivas Age 12
Jaziel Perez Age 10
Cooper Jenkins Website.jpg
Winner Ages 3-7 Cooper Jenkins
Rosaria Ruiz Website.jpg
Winner Ages 8-12 Rosaria Ruiz
Taylor Website.jpg
Honorable Mention Ages 3-7 Taylor Age 7
Diana Hurtado Website.jpg
Honorable Mention Ages 8-12 Diana Hurtado Age 10
Jaziel Perez Website.jpg
Honorable Mention Jaziel Perez Age 10
Stephanie Vivas Website.jpg
Honorable Mention Ages 8-12 Stephanie Vivas Age 12